Welcome to the bent book…

I’m a writer, doodler, daydreamer, creator and inventor.  My passion is writing for kids, although I dip my fingers into poetry and fingerpaint too!

The bent book is a little bit about me, a lot about writing (including ideas to enrich your own writing life), with a smidgen of general creative and crazy ideas thrown in that might just change your life – or at least the way you look at things.

This site is dedicated to developing and stretching our creative muscles, (plus discovering and using tools, like bent books, to make our creative life more, well, CREATIVE!!). This means active participation is encouraged – look at this site as a ‘bouncing board’ where you can bounce ideas and thoughts off other like minded individuals, or at the very least a place where you can try new things in a safe environment.

Every week or two (on a Monday) I post a starter, an idea, a spark to ignite your creative flames.  Use the Monday Muse to start your week or come back to it and use the ideas when you have writer’s block, or artists block, or when you just want to try something different.

Join me today in doing something creative.  Leave comments, suggest ideas, ask questions, join me in this wonderful world of words, writing and wonderment.

Stretch your boundaries, broaden your horizons and expand your writing or creative life as you do.

Happy writing and creating!