What is a bent book and why did I name my blog after one?

In case you’re wondering…

about bent books and what they are, I am going to give you a peek inside some of mine as well as giving you a step by step outline on how to make your own.  Bent books changed my life as a writer, allowing me to keep track of all my wonderful (and not so wonderful) ideas as well as my doodles and snippets of conversation I collect for ‘future’ books.  Not only are bent books great for writers, they are fantastic for gardeners, cooks, birdwatchers, artists, inventors – in fact anybody with a hobby.  The best thing – you can tailor make them to serve your purpose.

So…watch this space.

I had a dig through my drawer of dreams, doodles and dibbledots and found my first ever bent book.  I had a read and a chuckle and have included a pic for you.  (Just to clarify – it is not a flying hippo – but a hippopotamus fairy)

It was my first, rudimentary bent book.  Not much to look at, but a treasure trove of ideas.




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