Monday Muse – A crocodile and a duck?

Good Morning Everyone,

It is another Monday morning and I have been sitting at my desk trying to complete a writing assignment for the course I am doing.  I have had some great ideas for stories that do not fit the criteria, but none on track.

This made me start thinking about our muse.  When she turns up writing flows, art seems to make itself – things just go right and the outcome is usually pretty fantastic. But, when she’s not there you are tempted to get up and do something else while you wait for that flash of inspiration, that great idea, which is the muse showing up.  However, most writers know that the best way to get their muse to show up is to start writing.

 “Instead of discussing with myself every morning whether I feel inspired or not, I step into my office every day at nine sharp, open the window and politely ask the muse to enter and kiss me. Sometimes she comes in, more often she does not. But she can never claim that she hasn’t found me waiting in the right place.”

Peter Prange

Last week one of my assignments was to write a picture book text.  All week I thought up ideas, discarded them, wrote perfect(ish) first lines then got stuck, decided to just go and finish that little job, ring a friend, send an email, all while I waited for this amazing, fantastic great idea that was going to appear to me fully formed….

Of course, it didn’t work that way.  On Thursday my daughter said to me, “write a story about a crocodile and a duck.”  So I did.  I sat down and wrote the story.  Since then I have rewritten it 3 times – but I have a story.  (In case you’re interested – it has pirates in it – it just had to with a crocodile…)

So, just to help everyone out – myself included- I am going to put up a starter, an idea, every Monday.

Todays Monday Muse

Write a story, a song, a poem or draw a picture that includes a crocodile and a duck.

One reason I don’t suffer Writer’s Block is that I don’t wait on the muse, I summon it at need.

Piers Anthony

Happy creating,



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