Monday Muse – The Royal Muse

Today is the day that we, way down under – here in NZ, are observing the Queen’s birthday.  Happy Birthday to the Queen of England!


……..I thought it only fitting that our muse today should relate to royalty.  If you’re a children’s writer like me, then kings and queens, princes and especially princesses are loved by little girls the world over and there are so many angles and story ideas that you can write about.

Some of my favourite published books that star a princess as the main character are:

The Paperbag Princess by Robert N. Munsch

Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole

Princess Pigsty by Cornelia Funke

What’s your favourite prince or princess story?  Leave a comment below so we can add interesting titles to our must read list.


Todays Monday Muse

Write a poem, song, story or paint a picture that depicts a prince or princess trying to get their wish fulfilled.  You must include:

a chicken (or other magic animal – no frogs)

a magic teacup (or other object)

and an overly helpful, but clumsy giant.


Happy writing.
May all your wishes come true,




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One thought on “Monday Muse – The Royal Muse

  1. I guess my fav princess book of all time is the Paper Bag Princess – no nonsense chick sends boorish boy prince packing – yay!

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