Monday Muse – Haunted Houses and Escaping Goldfish

I hope everyone has had a fantastic, enjoyable and creative weekend.  I spent my time revising some manuscripts and designing a new enclosure for my rabbits. I also mulched my garden with autumn leaves. Now it looks rather colourful with green plants sticking up in patterns amidst a red, yellow, orange and brown backdrop.

Today is a somewhat windy, showery day here but the huge plus is….I have seen 3 different rainbows already!!  Of course the other advantage is that I have no excuses about going out or doing the gardening because it is far too cold.  The best place to be is at my desk, writing.

A note about using starters and prompts…

When you are using a starter or a prompt it is important to keep writing for at least 10 minutes.  If you start and then give up before this time is up you are not giving the creative side of your brain a chance to relax and start coming up with ideas and scenarios.  Mull it over a little first if you must but then start writing and don’t stop!!

This week I have included two starters to choose from – better yet – do them both.


Now, with no further ado, I present this mornings muse….


Find a way to combine the following in a work of art.  It can be a painting, a story, poem, song, music, collage…

A stamp collector

A haunted house

and red jelly



Use the image below as a starting point.



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Happy Creating





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