Monday Muse – Reading the Pictures

A child with an illustrated book of Three Bill...

A child with an illustrated book of Three Billy Goats Gruff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi Everyone,

I know I’m a little late with the Monday Muse and I’d like to say it’s because I was visited by my very own muse and have spent the day writing…but…I have been doing the next best thing.  Reading!

I went to the library this morning and enjoyed flicking through the picture books looking at all the amazing illustrations. I read a couple of books aloud to the kids and then I picked some to bring home – based on either the cover picture, recognising a favourite author’s name (Julia Donaldson) or if it was a book about monsters. (and one on how to draw……I can at least improve my doodles….)

Then after filling both book bags and my arms with books, I came home to read them.  I have been on Safari, to the playground, up in a a hot air balloon, chased by wolves, and found treasure – all without leaving my house and staying warm and comfortable. That is the magic of good writing. My to-do list has been completely neglected, or to be more accurate – completely ignored and ‘accidently’ used to start the fire.

What has this got to do with the elusive Muse?

To write we need to read, and read, and read some more.

Read to be inspired, to learn, to escape, to marvel…

To write well we need to read. Reading other’s work will help us develop our voice and improve the quality of our own writing. Of course we need to write too. If we only ever read and never put any of what we learn or think into action we will be only readers rather than writers.

Todays Monday Muse

So, today take a picture book or a magazine and choose one picture.  Alternatively you can choose a painting or a photo.

Use this picture as your prompt. ‘Read the picture’ then start to write.  Remember to write for at least 10 minutes before you stop.

Hint:  Do not read the picture book or article first.  (I know that contradicts my previous comment about reading, but for this exercise it is easier if you do not have preconceived ideas about the picture.)

If you can’t decide on a picture then use one of the images below.

Michele Pannonio - The Muse Thalia (detail) - ...

Michele Pannonio – The Muse Thalia (detail) – WGA15588 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




On safari in Phinda

On safari in Phinda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













Happy Writing






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