Monday Muse – Masked


Masked. (Photo credit: .Andi.)

I start the second part of my writing course today. For each of my papers we start each day, or week, depending on the paper, with a freehand exercise to get our creative minds and writing flowing. Like the Monday Muse the exercise is designed to get us writing regardless of our inner critic (more on the critic in a later post), and to limber our writing muscles for our weekly assignments.

Todays exercise was a photo of three masks. I enjoyed it because I found myself writing something quite different to what I usually write.

So, I decided to use a similar idea here today. The best thing is it can be used across disciplines – art, sculpture, writing, film, as a kids activity, as a party theme. There are no limits to what you can imagine.

Aztec mask of Xiuhtecuhtli, c. 1500, of Mixtec...

Aztec mask of Xiuhtecuhtli, c. 1500, of Mixtec-Aztec provenance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Masks have been around for centuries and used in many if not all cultures. They have been used as disguises, in ceremonies, by actors in shows, at celebrations and more.

Today I encourage you to choose at least 2 activities from the list. Don’t just write about a masked character, make a mask. Don’t just paint a picture of a mask, wear one for a day.

  • Make a mask – This can be as simple as using a paper plate, cutting eyeholes and drawing a design or can be as complex as making a mould of your face and creating a papier mache piece of art.

  • Wear your mask – If you are really brave try wearing it to the supermarket or at least down the street – Remember, it is a disguise – no-one will know who you are! Take on the characteristics of your mask. If it is a tiger, behave like a tiger, if it is a superhero, behave like a superhero.

  • Sculpt a mask – Use playdough, clay, plasticene or any other mouldable substance. For long lasting creations use salt dough and then you and the kids can paint and cook your creations before mounting them on your walls.

  • Paint a picture with  a mask/s featuring somewhere.

  • Attend a masked ball

  • Write, stage and film a play with a mask as a central theme.

  • Write a poem or story with a mask as a central theme.

    English: A Beijing opera mask

    English: A Beijing opera mask (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Happy creating






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