I’m a writer, doodler, daydreamer, creator and inventor.  My passion is writing for kids, although I dip my fingers into poetry and fingerpaint too!

I believe life is meant to be fun and funny.  I like to look at the world from every perspective I can – whether it is upside down, from the top of a tree, or through the eyes of someone or something else.

3 things about me:

1.  One of my all time favourite poems is ‘Rain’ by Hone Tuwhare.

2.  I once braided my hair into lots and lots of plaits and painted each plait a different colour with model paint.  (I slept with a towel on my pillow for weeks until I finally washed it out.)

3.  I love reading picture books aloud to anyone who will listen – especially when there are characters that I can do funny voices or sounds for!

Join me today in doing something a little bit crazy, unusual or just different. Stretch your boundaries, broaden your horizons and expand your writing or creative life as you do.

Happy creating!


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