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How to make a bent book and why you would want to…

A big hello to all you creative souls out there (whether or not you know you are),

I was chatting to some friends (who would tell you they are not creative), telling them about this new website/blog and they wanted to know more about bent books. They’d seen me with them over the years but had dismissed them as a quirky writer thing.

Bent books are simple foldable, bendable notebooks that fit perfectly in your back pocket so you always have them on hand to write down elusive thoughts, reminders, ideas and more.  What is special about bent books is that you make them yourself, or sometimes if you’re lucky a friend will give you one.

The process of making one will kick start your creative juices and you’ll be shocked at how soon it is full.  Then you get to make another one – perhaps a new and improved version.

Once I started telling my friends all the things I use them for;

Writing – ideas, conversation snippets, doodles, even first drafts when I feel the need to get a story down urgently and I am out and about…

Gardening – keeping track of what I’ve planted where and when, harvests, eggs collected.  ( for example, last year my hens laid 546 eggs in 6 months.  I still have trouble believing it – but I have the tally chart in my gardening bent book to prove it. )

Nature Diary – sketches of birds, where and when I saw them, leaf and bark rubbings. You are only limited by your imagination.

The best thing is bent books fit in your pocket so it’s not another thing you have to carry.  I always have a bent book on or near my person.

They are also great for writing down phone numbers, book titles or authors that friends recommend…

And, if you don’t think you’d use one…they make great gifts for friends.

Anyway, once they got me started they couldn’t shut me up and we all got excited and had an impromptu bent book making workshop.  I have included step by step instructions, with photos.  I have used only things you can find at home, so you don’t have to go out and buy anything.  It only took 20 minutes to make a basic book and a bit longer for more elaborate designs.

Some things my friends ( who can no longer deny they’re not a little bit creative), are going to use them for; shopping lists, recipe ideas and alterations, to keep track of trade me/e-bay listings, books they’ve read and to doodle in. Now, let’s get started.

Click here to download the PDF with the instructions.

Happy Creating